More Places to Find Scholarships and Other Opportunities

Search for scholarships here first

Scholarships by Monthly deadlines

Good database of scholarships

Unigo Database of Scholarships

Goodcall Scholarship Database

Scholarship Finder at CareerOneStop

List of over 600 scholarships at, including scholarships for college (including graduate school) and high school students

Grants for Individuals page, updated and maintained by Jon Harrison, contains a breakdown of “funding opportunities for individuals, such as financial aid or scholarships for students.”

Funding is broken down by subject, by population group, and by academic level (precollege, undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctorate).

Also, consider multiple categories you can explore. For example, if you are sociology major but also play an instrument or sing, you might check under Music.

If you are pre-law, besides Law, you might check under Writing for writing competitions you can enter. Be creative. Do not limit yourself.

The links on this page are checked regularly and updated.

SKIP THE ADS! (Some of the ads are legitimate, but sadly I can’t vouch for them all. Avoid the single mom or single dad scholarships–I and a few other students have received calls, and some of the operators are not scrupulous, trying to pressure students in pursuing degrees at for-profit colleges and to take on heavy student loans.

They often ask very extensive, very invasive questions if you sign up for them, in order to give that information to marketers.)

Find more scholarship information and handouts at the Scholarship Tigers blog:

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