$10,000 Sallie Mae Bridging the Dream Scholarship for Graduate Students, D: Oct 1, 2022, and 2022 Funding Graduate School Through Scholarships presentation handout

1. https://www.salliemae.com/landing/bridging-the-dream-for-graduates/

$10,000 Sallie Mae Bridging the Dream Scholarship for Graduate Students, D: Oct 1, 2022

From webpage:

“Our Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program for Graduate Students helps outstanding students from minority and other historically underserved communities attend graduate school.

Grad students who are facing financial challenges may apply to receive a $10,000 scholarship to help them pay for their graduate or professional degree program.

Applications are now open through October 1st.”

If you are a minority student or from a historically underserved community, the Sallie Mae Fund in partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund are giving graduate students facing financial challenges up to $10,000 to help students pay for a graduate or a professional degree program.


On Monday, May 26, 2022, I gave this presentation, “Funding Graduate School Through Scholarships, for the 2022 Writing Hub Bootcamp at Tennessee State University (TSU).

The handout above should be easy to access and to download.

I worked at the TSU Writing Center for almost 21 years when I left in December 2020 to pursue entrepreneurial adventures. I still keep in touch with TSU, and I give back by giving scholarship seminars.

Some of the scholarships in the handout are still available. Some have new due dates once you click on the links.

Some of the scholarships with passed deadlines are still worth noting. You can put a reminder on Google Calendar or Outlook, or make a note somewhere, of when scholarships that you can apply for may be open.

For example, up to $10,000 Aspire Higher Scholarship will most likely come open in March 2023 with a deadline around May 31, 2022.

The $10,000 Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship will most likely open around May 2023 with a deadline around June 30, 2023.

The $1,000 Moving Mountains Through Faith Scholarship will most likely open around June 2023 and have a deadline around July 29, 2023.

The above dates are guesses based on past deadlines.

I am trying my best to use this Gutenberg WordPress style, but as you can see above, I am not so good at it yet. If I waited until my skills were better, I may never get anything out.

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