Scholarships to Help Pay for College–Updated

This is an updated handout for the SCA presentation, Funding Your College Education with Scholarships (and Little to No Debt).

Scholarships with deadlines in August 2021 are highlighted in green in the handout.

You will find information in this handout that can help you pay for college without incurring crippling debt.

You will find the following highlights, scholarships, and more in the above handout:

Adopting the Scholarship Mindset

High GPA or No GPA: Does It Matter?

Scholarship Writing Project (Write 3-5 sentences for a potential $1,000 scholarship)

Scholarships that Don’t Require a GPA (Over $25,000 in scholarships)

Scholarships that Require a GPA (Over $15,000 in scholarships)

Scholarships to Watch For (Over $150,000 in scholarships)

How to Find More Scholarships

Grants to Individuals Online database

Professional Association Finder

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB)-State Doctoral Scholars Program

Academic Common Market (ACM)—in-state tuition for out of state students

How to Find Other Learning Exchanges like the Academic Common Market

Recommended Resources

How the TSU Writing Center Can Assist You in Writing for Scholarships and Other Writing Concerns (if you are a student, alumni, faculty member, or staff at Tennessee State University)

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