$1,000 Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship, D: Jan 30, 2019, plus the 2nd class for More Money, Less College Debt Workshop Series


$1,000 Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship, D: Jan 30, 2019

This scholarship was created to “help you understand the negative effects of too much screen time.”

This involved completing an online application, including a “140-character message about technology addiction.”

The statement you would be finishing is

Instead of spending time with technology, I’d rather . . .

The deadline to apply is Wed, January 30, 2019.

According to the guidelines, 10 finalists will be selected, and those 10 will write a 500- to a 1,000-word essay. The winner will receive $1,000.

High school students, entering or current college students, graduate students, and home schooled students can apply. There is no age limit, and U.S. citizens and legal residents are eligible.

All words in quotation marks were taken from the website above.

If you are a Tennessee State University student and you happen to become a finalist, you can work on your writing skills and practice writing essays in the TSU Writing Center to improve your chances of winning $1,000.

2nd class, Preparing a Scholarship Application So That You Stand Out, this Thurs, Jan 31, 2019

Also, on Thursday, January 31, we will have our second class in the 10-week Scholarship Tigers More Money, Less College Debt Workshop Series.

We will be meeting in the TSU Writing Center, room 310, 11:10 am-12:05 pm in the Student Success Center, also known as the LRC, or the Harold M. Love Learning Resource Center.

Arrive early if you can to talk to me and make sure you get registered for the workshop.

We will examine a few upcoming scholarships and discuss how to make your scholarship application stand out in our 2nd class, Preparing a Scholarship Application So That You Stand Out.

We will explore such scholarships as the $2,000 Bryan A. Collins Memorial Scholarship, the $25,000 Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship, the TSU Foundation scholarships, and more.

I will share with you some methods I have used to help students receive large scholarships in the past.

Writing Sentences to Apply for Scholarships, Class 1 Review


Also, if you missed the first class, you can go back to the material for that first class to discover more scholarships you can apply for, many with deadlines in February 2019, such as the $3,500 College and $5,000 High School—Regions Riding Forward Scholarship Essay Contest, D: Feb. 28, 2019.

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