$2000 Spirit Button Scholarship, D: Aug 1, 2017; and Decide to Not Become a Statistic

Choose to Not Become a Statistic for Student Debt

According to Debt.org, the total U.S. student debt is $1.4 trillion, the average student debt in 2017 is $37, 172, and student debt accrues at $2,858 every second.

What does this mean for you?

You have to decide to not become a statistic, and that means being conscious of what you are doing.

Apply for scholarships, starting out at an hour a week or two hours a week. Increase this time as you go along.

One way is to make a commitment in Fall 2017 to sign up for an hour appointment each week in the TSU Writing Center for twelve weeks to exclusively work on scholarship applications and essays.  

Here is one such scholarship:

$2,000 Spirit Button Academic Scholarship, D: Aug 1, 2017


Selected criteria:

“Spirit Button is committed to supporting students through their education and as such is pleased to formally announce the launch of a new university scholarship essay contest.

The winner of the contest will receive a $2,000 scholarship towards tuition fees for the academic year commencing in September 2017.

Who Is Eligible

To be eligible, applicants must be a U.S. citizen, currently or about to be enrolled in an accredited U.S. 2- or 4-year university or college.

How To Enter

Any student who fits the eligibility requirements listed above can apply for the Spirit Button scholarship.

To enter, students must submit a 700 – 1,000 word essay on the topic “what inspires me the most in life and why?”

To submit, email your essay as an attachment in PDF or Word format, including your full name, school you are or will be attending and contact information to mail@spiritbutton.com.

Deadline For Submission

The essay submission deadline is 12:00 a.m. EST on August 1st 2017.

Selection Process and Notification

The Spirit Button team will review all essays received and one winner will be chosen for the 2017 academic scholarship. The winner will be announced on the Spirit Button website on August 15th 2017. The winner will also be notified via email beforehand.

Additional Details

The scholarship funds awarded are to be used for tuition and books only. Once awarded, a check will be written to the recipient’s school of choice and credited for academic costs. The scholarship is non-renewable and is only good for one academic year. Recipients are only eligible to receive the scholarship once during their lifetime.”



Great list at Scholarships.com!  However, avoid the ads, such as the $10,000 Mom Scholarships and other ads.

I have said this before, so I will just copy myself: “SKIP THE ADS! (Some of the ads are legitimate, but sadly I can’t vouch for them all. Avoid the single mom or single dad scholarships–I and a few other students have received calls, and some of the operators are not scrupulous, trying to pressure students in pursuing degrees at for-profit colleges and to take on heavy student loans.)”

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