$2,500 Max McElhaney Memorial Educational Scholarship, Deadline: July 1, 2017; and Creating Your Own Scholarship List


$2,500  Max McElhaney Memorial Educational Scholarship

Sponsored by: The Rocky McElhaney Law Firm

Deadline: July 1, 2017

Undergraduate student, majoring in history or education, enrolled in a 4-year program at a public or private college or university


Selected criteria from webpage:

“The Scholarship

Sponsored by the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, the Max McElhaney Memorial Educational Scholarship has been established to honor the life and love of Rocky’s Uncle Max and to award $2,500 to an undergraduate student, enrolled in a 4-year program at a public or private college or university, majoring in either History or Education.

An eligible student must be enrolled as a full-time student during the fall semester in which the award is paid. At the student’s election, the scholarship can be paid directly to the university or college but is not transferable.


How To Apply

Applications must include the following:

  • A story of the gold standard of love in the student’s family
  • A statement of financial need
  • A written statement of no more than 100 words explaining why the applicant should be chosen above all other applicants. Tell us what sets you apart and why you are special. Do not tell us boring, cookie-cutter stuff like you are committed to your studies or that you are dedicated to hard work. Wow us. Don’t bore us.
  • One recommendation from a faculty member or university/college advisor
  • Proof of enrollment in a 4-year private college or university for the upcoming fall semester
  • Student status and/or declaration of major in History or Education.
  • One picture. It can be a solo shot, illustrate the student doing what he or she loves, or spending time with those they love.

E-mail only complete applications to: Melissa@rockylawfirm.com, or fill out our application form below (be sure to attach your files).

Application deadline is July 1 annually to be considered. The winner will be chosen in August and the scholarship will be awarded in September.”

Click on the link above to learn more about Max McElhaney and this scholarship.

HOW I FOUND THIS SCHOLARSHIP and Creating a Scholarship List

I went to google and typed the following into the search engine, NASHVILLE SCHOLARSHIP July 2017.

I was looking for scholarships with a Nashville angle that had deadlines in July 2017.  I found the above scholarship on page 3 of the results.

Sometimes you need to go beyond page 1 to find results.


However, I also found other scholarships that had already passed.

I opened a Microsoft Word document, and started cutting and pasting links for scholarships that I might want to show to students as they come open.

First, I typed the month, like July 2017, and then I cut and pasted the link for the Max MeElhaney Educational Scholarship, and then cut information about the scholarship, just small details like the deadline.

Then, I cut and pasted links for upcoming scholarships, giving possible dates based on the past.

For example, three upcoming scholarships I will now be looking for:

October 2017


Opening, later part of October

Nashville ATHENA Awards Program

January 2018


Opening Jan 2018

Nashville Sounds Fnd Scholarship, 4 $2,500 scholarships

February 2018


Opening , mid-Feb

SAME Nashville Post Scholarship

I will collect more information and possibly post them as they become open.


I saved my scholarship list as “Opening and Deadlines Scholarships 2017,” and put that in a folder on my flash drive as Scholarship List, so I can easily find the list and update it.

You can easily create your own scholarship list, cutting and pasting only scholarships that would apply to you.

You can use your own personal word processing program or use Google drive to “upload and store all your files online.”   There are other programs for storing files online: Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and C:\Drive.


The above link provides a tutorial on using Google drive. You will need a Gmail account and 10 minutes to learn how.

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