Scholarship Mindset—Preparing to Win the Scholarship Game, Plus More Scholarship Search Engines

How many scholarship have you applied for?

If you have applied for some, congratulations!  You have the mindset of purpose, where you will apply for scholarships as much as possible to get money to pay for college with no debt.

Making Time When Time is Fleeting

If you haven’t taken the time, you might being feeling overwhelmed. In that case, remember that if you do not set up “pockets” of time, you may never reach your goals.

Take 15 minutes today, and start searching for scholarships. Set the timer on your phone for 15 minutes and if you are interrupted, pause the timer. Once you have dealt with the interruption, go back to the timer and start it again.

If you are a TSU student, you can start by opening the TSU Foundation scholarship online application and look at the general application.

What information can you start collecting?

Do you want to make an appointment in the Writing Center to help with the general application?

You have until March 31, 2017, to complete this application and get together supplemental material for specific scholarships, such as completed FAFSA, letters of recommendation, and short answer (250-500 words) responses.

If you can’t spend 15 minutes, spend 10 minutes; if not 10 minutes, spend 5 minutes; if not 5 minutes, spend 1 minute.

15 minutes a day for 365 days equals 90 hours in a year.

 30 minutes a day for 365 days equals 180 hours a year.

The Numbers Game

The more scholarships you apply for, the better your chances of getting some money.

However, use resources on campus to make your scholarship application stand out. Get help in the Writing Center and other places on campus to make your words shine.

If you want to create a video for the $2,500 to $25,000 Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship, start investigating YouTube and asking communications majors how to make a great film. Seek help by asking instructors (including me) what resources on campus may be available.

Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship

Ages 16-24, $2,500 to $25,000 to pursue your passion

Legal resident of the 50 US and the District of Columbia

Create and submit a 2 minute or less video that tells a story of your life’s passion

Deadline: May 12, 2017

If you apply for 1 scholarship, then apply for 2 more; if you apply for 10 scholarships, then apply for 5 more.

If you apply for a 1,000 scholarships and you are only 3% successful, then you will have gotten about 30-33 scholarships. Some have chosen to reach for this height, and they have paid for college debt-free.

Scholarship Search Engines and Recent Discoveries

This is the Department of Labor’s scholarship search tool.

 I found this website from discovering the U.S. Department of State’s page, Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Internships:

Both of these websites come from U.S. Department of State, under Student Internships

The federal government’s official source for all internships, federal jobs, and employment opportunities

Internships for students at the Department of State


More Discoveries

Hispanic College Fund

Google scholarships

5 scholarships for students with learning disabilities—since the article was written in October 2012, the links may not work; if they are dead links, just google or bing or yahoo the name of the scholarship.

College Scholarships for Minorities



Scholarships for African-American students

Minority Scholarships and Engineering Scholarships for Minorities

Largest Dollar Amount Scholarships (once again, avoid the ads)

I found some of the links above by googling, largest dollar amount scholarships for african american students. There were more links if you want to try it.

Still More Discoveries


Financial Aid Finder


College Scholarships for Minorities, some good advice here.

 Avoid the ads!


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