Scholarships for High School Juniors and Seniors, Friendship Baptist Church Educational Forum

Claudia Adair and Mary Davis requested that I create a handout for juniors and seniors in high school who would be attending the Friendship Baptist Church Educational Forum on Saturday, February 25, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here is the handout, created specifically for this forum with over 30 sources of scholarship and financial aid information.


Some of the information you will find in the PDF handout

Scholarships from the Community Foundation of Atlanta

$5,000 and $3,500 Regions Riding Forward, D: Feb 28, 2017

Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship, Ages 16-24, $2,500 to $25,000 to pursue your passion

Help Filling Out FAFSA;  Avoiding Financial Aid and Scholarship Scams

The Do Not Go Into Too Much College Debt Tool

College Scholarships for African-American students and other minorities

$10,000 Valeant Dermatology Scholarships, D: April 30, 2017

 Grants for Individuals webpage Scholarship/Grant Directory

DoSomething.Org Scholarships which require no GPA, no essay, just good deeds!

National Association of Secondary Principals Approved List of Contests, Competitions, and Scholarships for High School Students

Google Scholarships


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