Over $80,000 Opportunities for Graduating High School Seniors and College Students

$18,000 CIA Undergraduate Scholarships


Up to $18,000 CIA Undergraduate Scholarships, D: July 31, 2019

From webpage:

“This scholarship is a financial needs-based program for graduating high school seniors, first-year undergraduate students and, in some cases, second-year undergraduate students who are looking to work summers in Washington, DC while attending an accredited college or university during the school year.

In this program, you will perform meaningful work related to your college major. In addition to a year-round salary, recipients are provided up to $18,000 in tuition assistance per calendar year, and are eligible for health insurance, paid time off and more.

Undergraduate scholarship participants are required to work for at least two 90-day sessions before graduation and be employed by the CIA after graduation for a period of 1.5 years for each year of paid scholarship.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted February 15 through July 31 for the summer of the next year.”


Overview of other Student Opportunities at the Central Intelligence Agency

Opportunities include undergraduate internships, graduate studies programs, graduate studies scholarships, language opportunities, just to name a few.

More than $62,000 in Scholarships

Click to access 02ddb340-bdc5-47a2-87bb-a4b46cbb7a1b.pdf

We recently sent out a scholarship newsletter aimed at graduating high school seniors who will be students in college in Fall 2019.

Many of these scholarships are also open to undergraduate students in college, and some are even open for graduate students.

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