$10,000 Possibility From These Two Scholarships—And Where You Can Find More Like Them

IP Video Contest

$5,000 2019 Intellectual Property (IP) Video Contest, D: April 30, 2019

Description: “For the IP Video Contest, students submit a 60-second video that addresses patents in some way, including why you wish you had a patent, what would the world be like without patents, an invention that changed your life, etc., whatever you can think of that can be made into a one-minute video. This contest is divided into three age brackets, 13-15, 16-18, and 19+, and only one winner is selected for each age group.”—description from https://yescollege.com/guides/weird-scholarships/ for “200 Unique and Weird Scholarships Worth Applying For”



$5,000 and $2,500 2019 American Addiction Center (AAC) Behavioral Health Academic Scholarship Program, D: May 30, 2019

Selected Criteria from website:

“Future Behavioral Health Professionals

In 2015, acknowledging the growing need for qualified addiction and mental health professionals to help those struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders, AAC decided to launch an educational scholarship program to assist students who were enrolled in college programs in the area of Behavioral Health. We established our Behavioral Health scholarship awards to provide financial assistance that to would enable undergraduate and graduate students to pursue careers in the areas of behavioral health and addiction-related studies.

Eligible Programs: – Social Work – Psychology – Nursing – Counseling – Marriage and Family Therapy – Substance abuse or mental health training programs


Scholarship Eligibility – Enrollment in academic program in nursing, counseling, psychology, social work, marriage/family therapy, or other curriculum focusing on treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. – GPA 3.2 or above – College Freshman as of Fall Semester 2019 – Open to full or part-time college undergraduate or graduate students

Entry Requirements In the form of a first-person essay, answer the following question: (500 words max.)

Describe what drew you to want to pursue a career in behavioral health care. What is one milestone you hope to achieve in this field?

To help decipher some of the language above, if you are full or part-time college undergraduate student or graduate student in the above majors, or will begin college in Fall 2019, you are eligible for this scholarship. You must be one of the majors mentioned.



Where I Found these Two Scholarships


200 Weird And Unusual Scholarships For 2018 & 2019


200 Unique and Weird Scholarships Worth Applying For (Updated for 2018 and 2019)—there are some interesting scholarships on this list.

Elsewhere, there is the YesCollege Podcast, which sounds interesting.

About YesCollege: https://yescollege.com/about/

The website has advertising with some affiliate links. This links explains the site’s Editorial Disclosure: https://yescollege.com/editorial-disclosure/


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