Two Creative Projects Worth $1,000 Each; 3rd Class, Finding Money in Creative Ways—Thursday, Feb. 7, 11:10 am-12:05 pm; and How to Register for an Appointment in the TSU Writing Center for scholarship coaching

3rd Workshop Class, Finding Money in Creative Ways to Pay for College

On Thursday, February 7, we will have our third class in the 10-week Scholarship Tigers More Money, Less College Debt Workshop Series.

We will be meeting in the TSU Writing Center, room 310, 11:10 am-12:05 pm in the Student Success Center, also known as the LRC, or the Harold M. Love Learning Resource Center.

Arrive early if you can to talk to me and make sure you get registered for the workshop.

In our 3rd class, Finding Money in Creative Ways, we will discuss places you may not have thought to look for money that can go toward tuition or other college expenses.

We will discuss the two opportunities below.

We will read a poem or two to discuss how poetry does not need to rhyme, but it can rhyme, depending on what you want to do with your creation.

Also, we will go over a few poems that have won competitions.

I will mention in the workshop other creative ways to finance your education. This blog entry may be expanded with more opportunities before Thursday’s session.

Remember, you will find plenty of scholarship opportunities in the handouts and blog entries for the previous two classes on this blog.

If you cannot make this workshop and you are a TSU student, you can make an appointment with me to have a tutoring session where we can go over the material or you can sign up for a scholarship coaching session where we will look for scholarships for your major and situation. How to do that is discussed below.

Two Opportunities Worth $2,000


$1,000 Fight the Fear Scholarship Slam, D: Mar. 5, 2019

PowerPoetry.Org sponsors different scholarships to encourage poetry writing throughout the year.

The latest, Fight the Fear Scholarship Slam, is open.

You have to become a member of the Power Poetry community first, be 25 or younger, and then add an original poem by March 5, 2019, to enter. Full guidelines at the website.

If you follow the guidelines, tag the poem correctly (read the Scholarship FAQ), your name may be drawn for the $1,000 scholarship.

Selected criteria from the website:


“Always do what you are afraid to do.” This phrase popularized by the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson hits close to home with all of us as we’ve had to conquer our fears, big and small. Doing something you’re afraid of always starts off terrifying but the experience can be rewarding in the end — the hardest part is taking the plunge and getting out of your comfort zone.

How did you overcome one of your fears, and what did you learn from the experience?

Fear can be your best friend or your worst enemy — it can motivate you to move to a better place but it can also hold you back if you let it. Have you been afraid of trying something new? Accomplishing a certain task? Or maybe your fears lie in insecurities about yourself? Tell us in a poem how you’ve fought your fears for your chance to win.

 Note: This is a sweepstakes scholarship. That means a winner will be chosen from a random drawing.



  1. The basic requirements are this: (1) you are 25 years of age (or younger), and (2) you are a current or former high school student who will attend or is attending college within the U.S. or its territories.
  2. Add an original poem to Power Poetry by Tuesday, March 5, 2019. You’ll need to register as a member of our community first.”

Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):



$1,000 First Prize, $250 Second Prize, or 10 awards of $100 each, Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest (no fee), D: April 1, 2019

Selected criteria from website:

Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest (no fee)

Now in its 18th year, this contest seeks today’s best humor poems. No fee to enter. Submit published or unpublished work. $2,250 in prizes.

Please submit once during August 15, 2018-April 1, 2019.


  • First Prize: $1,000 plus a one-year gift certificate from our co-sponsor, Duotrope (a $50 value)
  • Second Prize: $250
  • Honorable Mentions: 10 awards of $100 each
  • Top 12 entries published online
  • Enter via Submittable

No fee to enter.

Judge: Jendi Reiter, assisted by Lauren Singer Ledoux.

Length limit: 250 lines maximum.

No restrictions on age or country.”

For Tennessee State University students only: How to Make an Appointment for the TSU Writing Center

First, you must make an appointment on the scheduling system.

If you already registered and you haven’t signed on this semester, you might have to update your profile. Students are required now to use their TSU email; TSU student’s email follow this pattern:

If you are not registered with the system, use the information below.

How to set up an appointment for the first time:

Go to the above website. You will used the email address you have as a TSU student, following this pattern:

Once you create an account for the schedule, you can see when I, Michael Turner, am available.

You would put “scholarship coaching” or “workshop review” for the session.

Go to the above link and register.  It will ask you questions.

Once you have registered, you can sign in to the schedule by putting in your username (email address) and the password you created.

Your student ID is your complete Tnumber.

Select “Writing Center” for the current TSU Writing Center schedule.

You cannot schedule for the day you register, but there are directions once you log on for what to do if you need an appointment for that same day.

 If you wish to email me instead, Mr. Mike Turner can be reached at Give me the days, dates, and times you are available, and I will get back with you a confirmed appointment.

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