$1,000 RentLingo Dream Big Scholarship, Deadline: Oct 1, 2018 plus more

Besides the $1,000 scholarship, check out the previous blog post below, The Journey to $100,000 Begins with a Single Sentence, for several PDF handouts that can help you find more scholarships.

Plus, don’t forget the $500 Courage to Grow Scholarship, deadline Sept. 30, 2018, which requires a 250 word or less essay: https://couragetogrowscholarship.com/

$1,000 RentLingo Dream Big Scholarship, Deadline: Oct 1, 2018

Need some money?

Check out the Dream Big Scholarship.


Selected criteria from webpage:

“How To Apply?

Write an essay about what’s your dream job (750 words or less).

The top overall winner will receive the $1,000 scholarship and the top three submissions will have the option to get career advice / coaching from RentLingo’s founders, Dan Laufer and Byron Singh.



Can I submit multiple applications?

You may submit multiple applications but only the latest submission will be considered.


Who qualifies for this scholarship?

Any student 18 years or older currently attending a college or university may apply for the scholarship.

I’m an international student. Can I apply?

Yes. International students must still meet the above requirement to apply.


When will I know the result?

Winners will be announced 2 weeks after the application deadline. Look out for an email from RentLingo in your mailbox.


Where should I spend my money after I win the scholarship?

$1,000 is a lot of money. You may choose to spend it all in the arcade. Or use it to pay rent. Check out our rent calculator to plan your budget accordingly.”

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