$2,500 The “First Step” to Distraction-Free Driving Scholarship, D: Aug. 1, 2018 and $2,000 Dream Home Designs Scholarship, D: Aug. 15, 2018


$2,500 The “First Step” to Distraction-Free Driving Scholarship, D: Aug. 1, 2018

Selected criteria from webpage:

The “First Step” to Distraction-Free Driving Scholarship

In an effort to reduce the devastating consequences of distracted driving among young drivers, the auto accident lawyers at Sutliff & Stout are offering a $2,500 scholarship to students.


We are asking students to write an essay of at least 500 words detailing their most common distracted driving habits, and to describe the concrete steps they will take to put an end to those habits.

Eligibility Rules

  • Applicants must be EITHER out-going high school seniors (graduating summer 2018) OR students currently enrolled in a college, trade school, or university as of the start of the fall 2018 semester.
  • Must submit essay by Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Scholarship FAQ

 What do I need to write about in my essay?

We want to encourage students to examine their driving habits and identify ways in which they commonly become distracted behind the wheel. These could include obvious examples such as texting, tweeting, or changing music, or a less obvious example like turning to talk to friends or simply playing the music so loudly that they cannot hear other vehicles. Next, we want students to consider and document concrete steps to ending those distracted driving behaviors.”




$2,000 Dream Home Designs Scholarship, D: Aug. 15, 2018

Selected criteria from webpage:

“The Renoviso Dream Home Design Scholarship enables students to describe their ideal home improvement project. The scholarship will be awarding one student $2,000 to put towards his or her education. From tuition costs to dining and textbooks, the scholarship money can be used to cover any expenses.

How to apply

Eligible students should submit an essay to scholarships@renoviso.com answering the prompt:

“If you were a homeowner, what’s the one home improvement project you’d choose to complete and why?”

This can be a fictional or real example. For instance, would you upgrade your kitchen cabinets and counters because you love entertaining? Would you fix your roof  because of your area’s harsh winters? Or would you buy a new set of windows for energy-efficiency?

Essays will be judged based on the following criteria: content, style, and creativity. One essay per entrant only.

Please include your name, mailing, email address, phone number and documentation of your current or upcoming enrollment in an accredited US college or university.

Who is eligible?

Full-time students over the age of 18 enrolled in an accredited US college or university are eligible.”

****Where you can find more scholarships with August deadlines: https://jlvcollegecounseling.com/scholarships/august-scholarships/

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