Pursue Money, Not College Debt Initiative

The Pursue Money, Not College Debt Initiative is an agreement that you will spend 12 hours this semester focused on finding money to pay for school to reduce reliance upon college debt.

You do this by choosing to spend an hour a week for the next 12 weeks in this endeavor. You will sign up to work with Mr. Mike Turner or if he is not available a particular week, another writing tutor, to focus on either searching for scholarships, completing applications for scholarships, or writing required for scholarships.

The hour will be more robust than simply searching for scholarships, in that you might be working with Mr. Turner to create strategies to bring in more money to cover tuition and books than just simply pursuing scholarships. Such strategies may include how to keep your GPA up, so that you can pursue more scholarships in Spring 2018.

We will keep track of how much money you bring in to offset debt, and that track record will be used to motivate yourself and others to pursue money instead of debt.

Each particular journey will be shaped by what you need to do to get to where you want to go. Your steps will be chronicled so that your experience will help you and others.

I am seeking 5 people who are willing to make this commitment to their future and their lives.

While seeking scholarships may take more than 12 hours, at least you know that during each week you will choose to spend an hour a week towards that goal.

This opportunity to sign up is open to Tennessee State University students, but anybody can choose to make his or her own Pursue Money, Not College Debt Initiative.

If you would be interested in this endeavor, email Mr. Mike Turner at mjturner@tnstate.edu.


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