Scholarship Lists with June 2017 Deadlines; More Scholarship Lists with 2017 Dates

I have mentioned several of these resources before, but here is a reminder to keep checking them out for more scholarships. Some are new. I will mention how I find these lists after the links.


June 2017 Scholarships

Select June 2017 scholarships compiled by Jessica Velasco of JLV Counseling

June Scholarships

Complete list of June 2017 scholarships by Jessica from JLV Counseling


Jessica’s complete list of scholarships

Scholarships by June 2017 scholarships compiled by—if you move further done the list, you will see more June 2017 scholarships with links and no dates. Do not ignore that list. I have found several scholarships which I featured on this blog at the end of each month.

Here is a full list of scholarships. Look at the Scholarship for the Week.  Also, check out the right hand of the webpage to look for scholarships by deadline and scholarships by category (such as Adult Learner, the Arts, STEM, Ethnicity, and LGBT, just to name a few).

June 2017 Scholarship List brought to you by the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

External Scholarship Links brought to you by Morehouse College

Currently open scholarships administered by Scholarship America

There are some good scholarships on this page, but I find the page heavily scattered with ads! Avoid ads such as “$10,000 Mom Scholarship,” and you should be ok.

2017 Scholarships from—you must scroll down the page to find 2017 deadlines in May and June. List of June 2017 Scholarship Deadlines—once again, avoid the ads! complete Scholarship Directory

Scholarship directory for nurses, currently featuring 370 nursing scholarships (brought to you by the Campaign for Nursing, Johnson and Johnson).

Scholarship List with 2017 deadlines from Oregon State University

I found the following lists by googling, June 2017 scholarship lists. I also dug a little deeper to find the listing of scholarships by other due dates once on the websites.

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