$5,000 and $1,000 Foreclosure.com Scholarship, D: Dec 15, 2017; and 15 Highest Paying Tech Internships in the US; Even more, the TSU-TLSAMP Program to encourage minority students to enter and find success in the STEM fields


Foreclosure.com Scholarship Program

Open to current college students (read below)

Essay Requirements: Minimum, 800 words, Maximum, 2,000 words

Awards: Top prize (1): $5,000; Second through fifth place receive $1,000 each

Deadline: Dec 15, 2017

Selected criteria from webpage:

“2017 essay topic:

Is the “American Dream” of one day owning a home alive and well among Millennials?

Millennials having experienced the “Great Recession,” which was the traumatic housing crisis that triggered the financial crisis a decade ago. As a result, data suggests that Millennials (those born between 1981 to 1997) have been slow to adopt homeownership. Discuss the pros and cons of homeownership for Millennials, as well as which factors could increase or decrease homeownership among the generation. Will their collective hesitation and apprehension hurt them in the long run or are Millennials simply in the process of re-defining the “American Dream?”

About the scholarship program:

Foreclosure.com has issued $63,000 in scholarship money to 35 college students nationwide since the program was introduced in 2009. Each year, the company challenges future leaders of America to provide creative solutions/ideas to many of the nation’s most critical issues, real estate in particular, which can be used to help foster a robust United States housing market.

Foreclosure.com Scholarship Program at a Glance

Foreclosure.com continues to break new ground by offering a nationwide scholarship program. Currently enrolled college students (graduate students, law students and/or high school seniors are NOT eligible) are invited to apply by submitting an essay. Freshman entering Fall 2017 are eligible once they have received a student ID number. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Essays that are not the original work of the entrant will be immediately discarded and eliminated from consideration.”




Tennessee Scholarships—Unigo Scholarship Directory



Thorough Unigo.com College Scholarship Directory

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Unigo.com also has its own scholarships.

In the above Foreclosure.com scholarship, I googled the name, so I didn’t have to sign up for a unigo.com account.

If I were a high school student, college student, or person interested in going to college, however, I would sign up for the Unigo.com Scholarship Search, allowing me to find scholarship that matches my criteria and allowing me to apply for the monthly Unigo.com scholarships and the $10,000 Unigo Scholarship, Deadline: Dec. 31, 2017.


 15 Highest Paying Tech Internships in the US


“$8,000 a month: The 15 Highest Paying Tech Internships in the US” by Julie Bort, 22 hours ago

If you google scholarships or internships and click on the label News, you will find articles like this, current news and information about scholarships and internships.


Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation  in STEM fields


Information about the program.

Explore the side banner. Under Resources, you will find

  • Careers, Fellowships, Internships, Scholarships, Summer Research Opportunities
  • Pathways to Science STEM Summer and Other Opportunities
  • Guide to a Debt Free College Degree



About the program.


Contact information about the program if you have any questions.


How to Apply.

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