$1,000 Active Life Scholarship, Deadline: May 31, 2017 and More May 2017 Scholarships


$1,000 Active Life to Tackle Your Weakness Scholarship

Deadline: May 31, 2017

From webpage:

“Who: Current high school or college students age 15 years or older.

What: This scholarship encourages students to identify and take action to improve a weakness and begin to transform it into a strength.

Amount: $1,000. May be used at any college to study any major.”

Identify a subject you are weak in, answer the question are you ready to “face your weakness and transform it into a strength,” and then in 3-5 sentences answer “ONE of the following:

What do you consider one of your greatest weaknesses? –OR-

Why is it important to try to improve a weakness?

Please make your essay individual to you by using your personal experience or anecdotes.”


May 2017 Scholarships

Selected May 2017 scholarships

May Scholarships

Full list of May 2017 deadline scholarships

$2,500 Kurt Caselli Foundation Scholarship, Deadline: May 1, 2017


From webpage: “The Kurt Caselli Scholarship was created to award gifts of $2,500 to former racers who are currently enrolled in institutions of higher learning. We are looking for applicants who embody perseverance, integrity, generosity, commitment, humility, and professionalism–all the same character traits that Kurt Caselli exemplified on and off the motorcycle.”

“Scholarship Requirements:

• At least 2 years racing experience
• Between 18-35 years of age
• A legal US resident
• Acceptance and successful completion of at least ONE semester of ongoing schooling (at any accredited school)
• Fully completed application (including rider resume and video)
• Commitment to attend at least ONE future safety event with the Kurt Caselli Foundation”

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