Internship Websites and How to Find Money so you Can Finance Unpaid Internships

2017 Internship sites

I googled best internship websites 2017 to get the latest suggestions and found the following article on, “The Best Websites—and Strategies—for Finding an Internship in 2017,” dated February 2, 2017, wherein Karsten Strauss interviews Lauren Berger, founder and head of

The following Internship websites were mentioned:

Financing an Unpaid Internship

There are several articles, ideas, and sources about how to finance an unpaid internship.


This article lists several different ideas about how to finance an unpaid internship.


Article from Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen, on 12 great resources for finding scholarships on paid internships during the summer.


From website: “The B.A. Rudolph Foundation offers scholarships for women seeking unpaid internships in public service and the sciences, as well as a mentorship program and networking opportunities.

The B.A. Rudolph Foundation is committed to the principle of diversity in all areas. In that spirit, we are particularly dedicated to reaching and supporting a broad spectrum of qualified women who have diverse backgrounds, experiences, ability and perspectives.”


A January 26, 2017, article, “How to Find Funding for Unpaid Internships” by Elizabeth Morgan


A blog post by Jada Green posted on March 11, 2015, “How to Afford An Unpaid Internship”


An article updated on July 1, 2016, by Penny Loretto, “Ways You Can Afford to do an Unpaid Internship”

I found the following articles by googling, “scholarships for unpaid internships.” Try out these search terms to find more articles.

Also, let google suggest other search terms, such as “funding your internship,” “money for unpaid internships,” or “internship grants for students.”

Be Creative—Create Your Own Unpaid Internship

from website:” Between Feb 2007 and March 2008, Sean Aiken completed an epic journey around North America, working 52 jobs in 52 weeks.

Sean Aiken graduated from college and didn’t know what he wanted to do for a career (or what he wanted to do with his life). Instead of take the first job that came along, he found a unique way of figuring it out: The One Week Job Project.

How it worked: Anyone, anywhere, could offer Sean a job for one week. Any money he earned for the work, he asked the employer to donate towards the ONE / Make Poverty History campaign. Total earned = $20,401.60

How can you adopt this idea to fit you? Perhaps you can’t afford to give up 4 weeks or 6 weeks to an unpaid internship, but you might be able to help for a week or a weekend.

Quickly write down three problems in the world you are worried about or concerned about.

Next, find organizations close to where you want to be that deal with these problems.

Then, create a plan on how you are going to present yourself. Create a 1-3 minute speech telling who you are and what you wish to give (this is sometimes called an elevator speech). Now, find a way to write or talk or connect with the organization.

Volunteer for a weekend, a day, two days, three days—consider what you can do and then do it.

Or explore the campaigns at where doing good gives you a chance to qualify for scholarships:

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