Comprehensive Scholarship Guides Available Made Clearer

I gave several presentations about how to search for scholarships and internships in Spring 2015.

These are often very comprehensive, geared toward the audience I present them too.

If you wish to view these, use the following as a guide.

College Students:

Money in the Bank: How to Get a Piece of that Scholarship Pie March 26, 2015

TSU Honors Presentation–February 6, 2015

High School Students:

Free Money: University School of Nashville Presentation, Feb 12, 2015

Financing Your College Dream—Temple Church Workshop January 24, 2015

This contains information that can be applied to students in middle school also.

If any links are out of date, google for the most recent information.

If deadlines for scholarships have passed, create a Word document (or other word processing program), cut and paste the link, and put above the link the most likely date it will return next year. For example, the Buick Achievers Scholarship will most likely be open in January 2016 (past deadline: end of February 2015).

Keep this list handy and saved, so you can constantly update it.

Also, if you are an adult returning to college or wishing to enter college for the first time, you can gleam good information from both presentations.

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