TSU Fnd Scholarships, Deadline: Mar 22, 2013


Check out the Financial Aid and Scholarship webpage at TSU.

Besides listing several scholarships you should check out, there is a link for First-Time Freshmen (which means if you are entering TSU in Fall 2013, you should be looking at these opportunities NOW).

TSU Foundation Scholarships Deadline: March 22, 2013

The deadline for all TSU Foundations Scholarships is March 22, 2013; the link to start the application process for current TSU students is found on the webpage above. Also, you can see what the individual scholarships are that the TSU Foundation administers and prepare for them.

All TSU students should be starting this process and filling out the application. It takes several days and cannot be done at the last minute.

We will have one hour workshops on Wednesdays during the challenge, occurring in the Student Success Center (LRC) Computer Lab, 123.

Wed, March 6, 2 pm: First Tiger Scholars Meeting

  • Advice for filling out your FAFSA, getting help filling out your taxes, and navigating the STARS Online Scholarship Application
  • The March 15 deadline for applying to the CFMT Scholarships, several of which only TSU students can apply for

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