6 Scholarships for Women; $1,000; Deadline: F, Sept 28, 2012


Women’s Economic Council Foundation is offering six scholarships for women—$1,000 each

Three $1,000 to graduating senior girls in high school

Three $1,000 to non-traditional women who are returning to college after a 5 year break

Deadline: Fri, Sept 28, 2012

From website: “The Foundation and Council recognize that by continuing their education, women increase their earnings potential. To supports these educational efforts, the Foundation is pleased to offer six $1,000.00 scholarships to Tennessee women and girls who are making a commitment to improving their economic autonomy.

Three scholarships will be awarded to graduating senior high-school girls, and three scholarships will be awarded to non-traditional students who are returning to college after a five-year break. In addition to academic achievement and financial need, the Foundation will consider leadership and participation in community activities in selecting the recipients.

Scholarships OPEN July 18, 2012 and CLOSE September 28, 2012.”

Thanks to Dr. Samantha Morgan-Curtis for alerting us to this scholarship opportunity.


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