Scholarships Galore

We will from time to time be posting information about scholarships for high school students. All high school students are prospective future Tiger Scholars.

First, we start out with a scholarship for all students.’s Do-Over Scholarship 2011, three $1,000 scholarships, deadline: June 30, 2011

For all students, including college students: is noted by as being one of the best scholarship search engines, much like  or .

You must first create a profile at ; then, you can answer the question, “If you could give any celebrity or famous person a ‘do-over,’ who would you give it to and why?” in 250 words or less.

More scholarships:

NASSP Advisory List, Millions in money for high school students

For high school students:

For high school students, there is no better resources to find scholarships and contests for high school students than the National Association of Secondary School Principals 2010-2011 National Advisory List of Approved Student Contests and Activities

This list is for 2010-2011, so if the deadline is passed, then you know that most likely the contest will be around next year for the same time. 

For example, the Veterans of Foreign Wars 2010-2011 NATIONAL VOICE OF DEMOCRACY AUDIO-ESSAY CONTEST ran from Jan 1-Nov 1, 2011. 

This contest was open for grades 9-12, and the top prize was $30,000. Other prizes were $16,000, $10,000, and $1,000.

You can read more about this contest and read the winning $30,000 speech:

Most likely, the VFW 2011-2012 NATIONAL VOICE OF DEMOCRACY AUDIO-ESSAY CONTEST will run from Jan 1-Nov 1, 2012.

This is just one of the contests on the NASSP National Advisory List of Approved Student Contests and Activities.

The 2011-2012 List will be posted here:

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