Buick Achievers Scholarship, $25,000, Deadline: March 31, 2011

Buick Achievers Scholarship, $25,000, Deadline: March 31, 2011

I wanted Tiger Scholars to know about the Buick Achievers Scholarship. Deadline is March 31, 2011.

Check the write up to see if you are eligible.


Buick Achievers Scholarship is offering to 100 first-time freshman up to $25,000/year, renewable up to four years. The program is also offering $2,000/year for an additional 1,000 incoming students.

Deadline: March 31, 2011

From website: “Applicants must:

  • Be high school seniors or high school graduates who are first-time college students in the fall of 2011
  • Plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited four-year college or university for the entire 2011-12 academic year
  • Plan to major in a course of study that focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math). Select Design, Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Business majors are also eligible. Scholarship recipients will demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in the automotive or related industries using these areas of study.
  • Be U.S. citizens and have permanent residence in the United States “

There are several eligible majors, including Supply Chain Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

For a full list of majors eligible, http://www.buickachievers.com/questions_and_answers/

 and look under the question, “What are the eligible majors?”

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