$500 Book Scholarship, Deadline: Jan 31, 2011

$500 Book Scholarship, Deadline: Jan 31, 2011

The Pentagon Project is giving away a $500 book scholarship, open to any full-time TSU black female undergraduates who answer the following prompt in 250-500 words:

“Black women have resilience, whether we like it or not.” -Maya Angelou

Do you agree? Tell us why or why not.

Here are some of the requirements:


Open to a Black female, full-time, 1st – 4th year undergraduates at Tennessee State University

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Minimum of 10 hours of community service

One recommendation (recommendation may be from a faculty/staff member, community leader, or supervisor)

One official transcript (from TSU Records Office – postmarked by Friday, January 28th)”

All this information, along with the 2011 Scholarship Application and 2011 Scholarship Application Recommendation Form, are located at http://aliberatedwoman.blogspot.com/

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