10 Sites for Scholarship Money and $10,000 Scholarship Drawing

Federal Student Aid on the Web Search


Here, you just enter your major, and a list of scholarships you can apply for come up.

This scholarship web directory is run by the federal government.

 I found this website in a blog entry, “10 Sites to Search for College Scholarships,” on the Professor’s Blog:


Be aware that many websites and blogs create income by featuring ads along the side or in the midst of the article. There is nothing wrong with this, but just be aware that there are many ads on this website encouraging you to click on online degree programs. 

That being said, part of how this blog creates income for its owner is through online ads.

The information contained in the article is well thought out.

 $10,000 Scholarship Drawing

 This is StudentLoanNetwork.com’s drawing, which happens every month. There is a link from TSU’s scholarship page to this contest.


I would advise creating a separate email account for scholarships to enter such competitions, because while this scholarship is legitimate, this company will want to send you information. 

For example, I would create a separate email account at http://www.gmail.com, http://www.hotmail.com,  or http://www.yahoo.com in order to fill out information at such websites as http://www.fastweb.com/,  http://www.scholarships.com/, and http://www.scholarshipexperts.com/ .

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